Blog - x86_64 Build!

Posted 2010-05-15 15:55:36 by thePowersGang

Because my old laptop decided to keep randomly locking up when I was using it, I got a new one.
This one is a Toshiba NB300, and hence has a 64-bit CPU. This posed a slight problem to compiling Acess, as I had been using the native compiler.
Although I managed to get a i586 cross compiler up pretty quickly, I still decided to exploit the capabilities of my new machine and port Acess to x86_64.
This port has lead to quite a few fixes to the build system, and some changes to the layout of the architecture API.
See the git commit logs for the current progress on the port.

TL;DR - There is now a 64-bit port of Acess in development.